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Just My Luck
Friday, March 30, 2007

Just My Luck

“Everthing changed in the wink of an eye”

Have you encountered some times that you felt your so unlucky? All things that you do turned out really bad and that it all goes wrong. And then the next day you'll feel that your so lucky, having the right things at the right time. Oh well, i did. When i'm still studying i felt so lucky everytime we'll have a recitation and that i did not study our lesson and i wasn't called by our professor or when we have a scheduled exam and i'm not ready yet, it'll be postponed. Lucky me, huh. But at times it just turned out the other way around.

Just My Luck follows the lives of a very lucky lady and a very unlucky guy. Ashley Albright portrayed by Lindsay Lohan is said to be the luckiest woman in New York City. Ashley, a young professional working at a PR Company, living in a nice, huge apartment, with loads of fashionable clothes, hot guys around her asking her out which her two best friends, Maggie and Dana, envy.

One day, Ashley together with her boss Peggy was to meet and discuss a project with one of their important client, Phillips but unfortunately Peggy was stucked at the elevator and can't make it and so Ashley has to do the job even though she don't know what's the real plan of her boss. She made her own plan and fortunately it was agreed by Mr. Phillips, who loves to party. And so after learning what had happened, her boss gave her credit. Peggy gave her new office of her own, a credit card, and made her call her boss by her name Peggy.

On the other hand, Jake Hardin was one of those unluckiest man on earth. He works at a bowling alley/bar as a janitor while he's doing everything for a band known as McFly to make a name on the industry.

She and her two best friends planned the masquerade party. At the party, she invited Antonio, her friend to date her boss Peggy. She sees the two with the fortune teller having a great time. She was asked by the fortune teller if she wants to know her future but she rejected it but the fortune teller insist and took a card and read it to her until the fortune teller told her that her luck might end and that she ignored. It was a great and successful party until Ashley danced with a stranger and kissed the man name not knowing that it was Jake and somehow when they kissed their fortunes swap. Jake left her at the middle of the dance floor but promises that he'll come back and ran for Mr. Phillips to give the cd which has the songs of McFly but he was hit by a taxi for saving Mr. Phillips and so Mr Phillips thank him for saving his life and gave him and the band a chance. After that she goes back to the dance floor expecting Ashley to still be there but unfortunately Antonio whose job was into escort service was caught making out with Peggy on the party and they were brought to the police headquarters with Ashley who was the one to ntroduce Antonio with Peggy. Ashley loses her job and apartment while Jake receives a new, huge with complete things apartment plus a record deal for McFly.

Ashley tries to find the guy that she kissed on the masquerade party for her to have back her luck by kissing him again. Unfortunately, even after kissing all the man at the party she didn't got her luck. Ashley gave up and while walking on the way home to her bestfriends apartment she pass a food chain and felt she needed food and so she goes inside but she didn't have money and the owner ask her out of the cafe. Fortunately, Jake was there and felt sympathy for Ashley that why he helped her and when he learned that she don't have work he helped her to get one but the thing is that there's no vacant job except for his previous job. Ashley accepts it but it was hard for her as she didn't know how to do those things.

One day, the McFly needs one other song and Ashley told Jake that her friend Maggie has written song and so they used it and make a few changes on its melody. That day, Ashley find out that Jake was the man she kissed on the masquerade party and she kissed him to say goodbye for her to get back her luck. On her way home she bump into Peggy and Antonio whose planning to get married. Peggy hired her again and told her that there will be a meeting the night of which the concert of McFly will be held and Peggy wants Ashley to be with her side as she thinks she's her luck. Feeling lucky Ashley brought new clothes and at home she saw her two bestfriends getting ready tp go to the concert and they were surprise with what Ashley have told them. Ashley will not go to the concert because of the meeting but after realizing that she needed to she quickly called a taxi and go to the concert with Maggie and Dana.

At the concert, a lot of bad things happened. One, the drummer was no where to find. Two, one of the string of the guitar was cut. Third, the people was getting bored and impatient waiting. Fourth, Mr. Phillips arrived and told them that if they will not do it Jake has to tell the people why. Fortunately, Ashley came back and kissed him for him to regain the luck. And all turns out right, the drummer comes out at the middle of the concert stage and all goes well. Ashley requested to Jake that the band sings Maggies's song and they did.

At the after concert party, Ashley felt that she already has feelings to Jake and she decided to go and visits her family for a while. She is about to leave New York but Jake shows up at the Grand Central Station and convinces her that to go and that he was lucky to meet her. And so they kissed not knowing where the luck was after it. Eventually, Jake's cousin shows up and they kissed her on opposite cheeks at the same time transferring what luck they have and Ashley gave her a gambling scratchcard and the girl won a prize.

You can't really say how lucky or not you are. Everything that happens to us are fate and Gods will. We do not have any control with it. We just have to accept it and live our lives to the fullest. Lucky or not it is great being alive.

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40 Days and 40 Nights
Monday, March 26, 2007

40 Days and 40 Nights

“One man is about to do the unthinkable. No sex. Whatsoever. For...40 Days and 40 Nights. Growth, Self-Denial, Sacrifice.”

Lent season is coming near. Do you have any vows? Something you want to sacrifice? Though i don't think that having to sacrifice something that we want will make any difference or change anything to yourself if you didn't mean it. In my opinion, it wasn't just to sacrifice things that you like the most because you need to on that season to join our Father who sacrifice himself for us but because we really want to. Think of the movie 40 days and 40 nights, the character made a vow that he'll not have sex or anything that might lead to it on that season

40 Days and 40 Nights was a comedy film starred by Josh Hartnett. The movie was release on the 1st of March 2002 and it was written by Rob Perez and directed by Michael Lehmann.

The movie follows the life of a man named Matt Sullivan who was obsessed with his ex-girlfriend named Susie who happened to had dumped him. It has been six months since their break up but still Matt was having problems on having a relationship with other women. He talked to his brother John who happened to be on training as a priest about his sexual problems because of his obsession to his girlfriend. After some time of visiting to his brother, he later realize that Lent is about to start and one priest has told him that on Lent people do some sacrifices and so he tells John that he's going to drop sex for 40 days and 40 nights and that will help him move on and get over Nicole.

Matt told his roommate, friend, officemate named Ryan what he will do and Ryan was shocked and told some things like it was not good and it was on a man's nature and that he can't do it. The next day Ryan told everyone at their office dot-com in San Francisco what Matt plan and they started to have a bet and everyone in the office gets into it.

After some days of successful days and nights not doing sex, he goes out to do his laundry. There he met a pretty woman named Erica and planned to come back and do the laundry and see each other next week.

On dot-com, everyone are doing their best to get Matt to crack. Candy, one of his officemate cornered him in their copier room and ask talked to him. She tells him that she has a tattoo on her thighs and that she wants to put another one on the other but she's not sure what she'll put, she even showed it to Matt still Matt was strong and did not give in to the temptation. Afterwards, seeing that Matt don't want to give in Candy photocopies her ass, writes her number there and gave it to Matt.

Ryan saw Matt packing his used clothes to go to the laundry and told him that he likes Erica and asked him that wasn't it some of thing that he shouldn't do for the Lent but Matt said that their not making out they were just talking with each other. And so he goes to the laundromat and saw Erica dancing and they officially met each other. The two planned to go out on a date. Matt takes her on a bus ride all day around the city and when the night falls and Matt escorted Erica home instead of kissing her goodnight he gave her a high-five.

On the next day, he founds out about the office pool plus one of his officemate created a website for it and unfortunately it was protected by Cyber Nanny which Erica works. Matt realizes that Erica might have seen it and goes to her office and he found out that she already knows about it and that she's not happy with it.

When Erica had cooled down Matt asked her out for a dinner and there they see Matt ex-girlfriend and introduces the two with each other but Erica had realizes that the problem of Matt was a result of the two's breakup and she got angry with Matt's lies and leaves the restaurant and Matt.

Matt's co-workers are all getting desperate with the days has been cutting down and so some of his women officemates make out in-front of him, one guy crushed Viagra and put it in his orange juice but unfortunately Matt didn't drink it instead their boss did. The guy finds Matt on their supply closet and talked to him and convinces him to go to the comfort room and do what other man's do and he even gave him a dirty magazine. So Matt headed to the comfort room and go directly to one of the cubicle and he was to do the thing but he heard his boss doing it and so he doesn't do anything but instead gave the dirty magazine to his boss and climb out to the window and run to Erica's house. There they have a very erotic encounter but without touching each other instead they use the flower that Matt gave to Erica.

The next day, Matt on his way to his work hallucinates that every woman he sees don't use bra's and so he headed off to his brother's office at the church but he finds his brother kissing a nun. He goes back to their office and just sits on his station and daydream of what happened between him and Erica the other night unfortunately one of his co-workers come up to him and wakes him from his dream and told him that to get into the conference room for a meeting with their client. What he didn't know was that he get affected with his daydreaming a while ago and so when he enters the conference room it was seen by the clients and got scared and so his boss has to put it out to him.

On the last night of his vow he asked his roommate Ryan to handcuff him for him to not ruin the last night of his vow. The door was leaved by Ryan unlocked so Erica can get herself inside but Matt fall asleep and his ex-girlfriend Nicole comes up to him and did the “thing” with Matt handcuff. Erica saw Nicole came from Matt's apartment and putting it together she comes up with her own opinion with what had happened and so she leaves Matt's apartment.

Matt create something on a box for Erica. He leaves it to Erica's roommate and so when Erica got it she changes her mind and goes to the laundromat and Matt shows up and they kiss and regain their relationship.

Love doen't mean sex. You can love another person without it though some of us made is as one of the factor for their relationship be stronger still it wasn't the real meaning of love. If you only want to have sex with your partner i don't you really love her/him. What you feel is only lust not love. And that wasn't good. Love someone because you do feel it that way, because you see something in them that others don't and that you something is special on them. You feel happy, secure with them. Pain is part of loving. As the saying goes if you don't feel pain you don't feel the love towards the person. In a relationship there will be heartaches, problems that you will encounter still if both of you loves each other nothing will break that string attached to your hearts.

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The Lake House
Monday, March 19, 2007

The Lake House

A Story of two people in love who haven't even met.”

A lot of us enjoy having friends online with the help of the internet. Some met their partners in life through it but what if you two met through letter but with conflict. One living two years ago. I've watched The Lake House just weeks ago and i find it so romantic and that it tells that love can really wait. The two people met through letters and kept exchanging responses with different dates on it, a different year. But Love will do everything for the two people be happy. Pain, sadness, loneliness, etc will definitely be part of it but still there will be a lot of things for that love to be possible.

The Lake House was a romantic drama film premiered on the 16th of June 2006. It was written by David Auburn, it starred by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, and directed by Alejandro Agresti. The film was the next movie which Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves starred together after Speed which was filmed on 1994.

It was about two person who lived in a beautiful lake house and writes each other but the thing is that they were on a different times. Dr. Kate Forster portrayed by Sandra Bullock was in 2006 while Alex Wyler an architect portrayed by Keanu Reeves was on 2004.

In 2006 Kate leaves the Lake House with her dog named Jack and moved to Chicago. She left a letter for the next owner of the lake house. She worked as a doctor on one of the hospital of Chicago and on Valentines day, Kate was out at Daley Plaza with her mother when they witness a traffic accident and she run to helped but unfortunately the man dies in her arms which she told to her lead doctor and advice her to take a moment and go to a place where she can have peace in mind.

In 2004 Alex brought the beautiful Lake House without his girlfriend named Mona knowing but later she learned and talks to him on the construction site on which he was working. At night he returned to the lake house and finds a letter on his mailbox dated 2006 from Kate Forster. In her letter she apologizes for the paw prints at the front door whom she claimed that was there before she moved in but when Alex checked it he didn't see any paw prints and so he was confused. Some days had pass and Alex paints the bridge's handrails leading to the front door when a dog appears and walks through a tray of paint that causes to have a paw prints leading to the front door and so he replies to Kate and places the flag up on the mailbox. They continue sending letters with each other but still they're not sure that it is really happening that two person can actually speak with each other through letters in different times. On one of the letter Kate told Alex that she left something on a train station if he can give it to him then she'll believe that what was happening is true. Alex goes into the train station and saw a couple saying goodbye to each other and when the lady rides the train he found something on the chair just behind the place where the couple stands while saying goodbye and on where the things of the lady was left while waiting for the train. On the next letter Alex told Kate that he saw her and that she's beautiful and Kate responses that she might be the one he saw as she has a bad hair on that year. They continue writing letter until they agree with each other that they will see each other at the II Mare in 2006. Kate waits there but Alex does not appear and so he told Alex that he didn't appear that it wasn't right to continue correspond with each other as they will not see each other as they were really in a different time and that it wasn't possible. Alex's dog runs away and then he later left the lake house and gives its key to a man he just met which girlfriend wants to lived in a Lake House. The man found a dog and gave it to his girlfriend who named it Jack and she moves in to the Lake House.

Year 2007 arrives and Kate rekindles her relationship with her former boyfriend Morgan. They talked a lot and reminisce and Morgan had mentioned that Kate had kissed a guy on her birthday in 2004 when Morgan surprise her of a party and invited some of their friends and a couple which he just met. And with that she realizes that he already saw Alex and he was the one who she kissed on her birthday in 2004.

On the year 2008, on Valentines Day, Kate and Morgan visits an architecture firm who happened to be co-owned by Henry, Alex's brother. After their meeting and talking about business they were to left the firm but Kate notices a sketch of the lake house, she asks who did it and Henry answered that his brother sketched it and when she ask to speak with him, Henry sadly said that Alex died on Valentines Day two years ago and she ask Henry where and how does it happened, Henry said that it happened in an accident in a plaza hitting by a bus. And it reminds Kate what happened on 2006 when she's in a plaza with her mother, an accident happened and a man died in her arms, sadly it was Alex Wyler. While realizing that, she run fast even Morgan running after her can't catch up. She rushes to the Lake House on her car she write a letter and got out there and put it into the mailbox, on her letter she said to Alex not to come on Valentines Day on 2006 and don't cross the street and meet her at the plaza but instead wait for another two years and they will meet on Valentines Day at the Lake house, she'll wait there.

Weeping, behind the mailbox, on her knees down, she almost fail to notice that the flag of the mailbox turned down. She stands up, turned around and she saw a pickup truck where a man emerge. It was Alex, Kate just whispered, “You waited” and they kissed.

Love can wait even for years. Even at first, falling in love to someone you didn't even know nor seen looks impossible, holding into it and just thinking of the love you have for each other will make it possible.

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