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Raise Your Voice Movie Review
Thursday, April 12, 2007

Raise Your Voice

Don't Hold Back. Don't Give Up.”

Whom among us doesn't have a dream, ambition? No One. All of us want to achieve something in our lives. Sometimes they are things that looks like impossible to achieve but still with hard work and focus we can do it. We can make it possible. But then at times there are people who will disagree still we do it as we know every decision we make does have consequences that will bring. I myself want to be a Psychologist or a Physical Therapist but i took Bachelor of Computer Science when i got in college. You ask why i did that? Why did i made my dream to be a Psychologist or Physical Therapist impossible at this time? Well it is because of a lot of factors. First money, we don't have enough money for me to pursue such education that might cost a lot. Second i got a scholarship which unfortunately didn't offer such course and i wouldn't let it slip out of my hands as i know it will help me a lot. Third BS ComSci is at its peek at that time. I might make my dream possible now that i graduated and got my own job, I just need to save money for it aside from me helping my family.

Raise Your Voice about a seventeen year old small town girl who loves to sing named Terri. She does have a brother named Paul who is rebellious but always support her and act as her inspiration and best friend and an overbearing father named Simon who even though supportive thinks that there are a lot more important things rather than singing. Terri brought tickets for them to see a Canadian band for their one night concert but her brother is grounded after having a fight with their father and so he can't go but Terri insisted that it is just a one night concert and that it'll be the last night of fun for them before Paul goes to college.

They had a great time but on their way home they encounter a major accident resulted for Terri being injured and sadly Paul being dead. Terri felt guilty it and that it was her fault that her brother died. What she didn't know is that her brother video almost everything that she does specially when she's singing. Paul secretly submitted a demo video of her doing singing and it resulted for her to be accepted to join the prestigious program. With Terri feeling guilty she give up her dream thinking that it'll be good to just stay on their town. Later on her mother let her realize that her brother wanted her to go but her father disagree but her mother wants otherwise as she wants to give everything to her only child remaining for her to be happy. For the first time Terri lies to her father and she goes to Los Angeles with the help of her mother and aunt.

At Los Angeles, struggles to fit in with other talented students. Competition arises as everyone wants to have the scholarship which to be given to one student at the end of summer. With her being intimidated she can even do better on her class. Later, she gain confidence and make friends including Jay and Mr. Torvald their teacher, mentor and friend to her. Mr. Torvald showed her the video that her brother sent to them that resulted for her to be there. She cried but she later realizes that her brother did it because he wants her to go for her dreams and so she partnered with Jay and they make their music together.

Jay and Terri composes a song entitled Someone's Watching Over Me and there she overcomes her grief and sing farewell to her brother. They didn't win the scholarship grant still they're happy. Another thing Terri's father favor that she'll continue to pursue her dream.

The film shows the characters faith with God in time of crisis and that they find comfort knowing that God is beside them even they felt down and loosing confidence.

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Sleepover Movie Review
Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The Rules are set. The game is on.”

Have you guys experienced a sleepover? I had experience sleeping with my friends house with my other friends but i can't really say that it was a “sleepover” thing. It wasn't the sleepover whom we only have to have fun, conversions about such things and all that but it was a sleepover at my friends house to create some of our projects. Though we need to finish our projects still we take time for us to talk with some things like our lives, boys and all that. It still fun eating crackers and noodles with your friends while having conversation about the project.

Sleepover movie was about four friends whose on the summer before their first year in high school. Julie planned to have a sleepover on their house with her girl friends including her best friend Hannah who's moving away the next day. But the sleepover became an all night scavenger hunt against their popular girls rivals. They enter it to cast off their less than cool reputation. Having joined on it they had to steal her friend dad's car, sneak into a club, and have a first kiss with her biggest crush.

Determined to win and overthrow the popular girls made of Stacie and Liz and some other social girls they push all their limits. With the girls doing their task, the skater boy friends pursue Julie and others for them to ruin her party not knowing about the all night hunt of the girls they follow and joined them against to popular girls hoping to gain some popularity.

Stacie, is the so called leader of the popular girls and she was a friend to Julie before. She has her own problems as she didn't say to her friends that she and her boyfriend broke up. But she keeps on maintaining her reputation of being a popular girl.

The not so popular girls are consist of Julie, Hannah, Farrah, and later on Yancy. Julie is shy girl who hopes that her parents sees her as a maturing teenager and not a baby after all she already got a crush named Steve. Steve is gorgeus and a popular high-schooler. Joining her on out-doing the popular girls is her bestfriend Hannah. Hannah is pretty, smart, and preparing to move away the next day and determined to make her last day with Julie the best of their lives. She convinces Julie to accept Stacie's challenge and told her that it is a chance of a life time and that she might probably meet Steve. And also take part of the challenge is Farrah, a unique girl who loves to design her new clothes with a very outgoing personality. And their new recruit Yancy who is a slightly heavy girl which always tease by the popular girls because of her weight.

Finally Julie and her friends outrank the popular girls. She had to left the party because she and Steve kissed as her brother already called saying that her mother is to be home. The next day her friends goes home with Hannah moving away. They cried but they knew that soon they'll be together again and that they they know they will be friends forever. In the end, Julie got her first kiss from Steve who visited her at home.

The movie told us to just believe in ourselves and trust your friends and you'll definitely have what you want and accomplish anything in front of you.

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Just My Luck
Friday, March 30, 2007

Just My Luck

“Everthing changed in the wink of an eye”

Have you encountered some times that you felt your so unlucky? All things that you do turned out really bad and that it all goes wrong. And then the next day you'll feel that your so lucky, having the right things at the right time. Oh well, i did. When i'm still studying i felt so lucky everytime we'll have a recitation and that i did not study our lesson and i wasn't called by our professor or when we have a scheduled exam and i'm not ready yet, it'll be postponed. Lucky me, huh. But at times it just turned out the other way around.

Just My Luck follows the lives of a very lucky lady and a very unlucky guy. Ashley Albright portrayed by Lindsay Lohan is said to be the luckiest woman in New York City. Ashley, a young professional working at a PR Company, living in a nice, huge apartment, with loads of fashionable clothes, hot guys around her asking her out which her two best friends, Maggie and Dana, envy.

One day, Ashley together with her boss Peggy was to meet and discuss a project with one of their important client, Phillips but unfortunately Peggy was stucked at the elevator and can't make it and so Ashley has to do the job even though she don't know what's the real plan of her boss. She made her own plan and fortunately it was agreed by Mr. Phillips, who loves to party. And so after learning what had happened, her boss gave her credit. Peggy gave her new office of her own, a credit card, and made her call her boss by her name Peggy.

On the other hand, Jake Hardin was one of those unluckiest man on earth. He works at a bowling alley/bar as a janitor while he's doing everything for a band known as McFly to make a name on the industry.

She and her two best friends planned the masquerade party. At the party, she invited Antonio, her friend to date her boss Peggy. She sees the two with the fortune teller having a great time. She was asked by the fortune teller if she wants to know her future but she rejected it but the fortune teller insist and took a card and read it to her until the fortune teller told her that her luck might end and that she ignored. It was a great and successful party until Ashley danced with a stranger and kissed the man name not knowing that it was Jake and somehow when they kissed their fortunes swap. Jake left her at the middle of the dance floor but promises that he'll come back and ran for Mr. Phillips to give the cd which has the songs of McFly but he was hit by a taxi for saving Mr. Phillips and so Mr Phillips thank him for saving his life and gave him and the band a chance. After that she goes back to the dance floor expecting Ashley to still be there but unfortunately Antonio whose job was into escort service was caught making out with Peggy on the party and they were brought to the police headquarters with Ashley who was the one to ntroduce Antonio with Peggy. Ashley loses her job and apartment while Jake receives a new, huge with complete things apartment plus a record deal for McFly.

Ashley tries to find the guy that she kissed on the masquerade party for her to have back her luck by kissing him again. Unfortunately, even after kissing all the man at the party she didn't got her luck. Ashley gave up and while walking on the way home to her bestfriends apartment she pass a food chain and felt she needed food and so she goes inside but she didn't have money and the owner ask her out of the cafe. Fortunately, Jake was there and felt sympathy for Ashley that why he helped her and when he learned that she don't have work he helped her to get one but the thing is that there's no vacant job except for his previous job. Ashley accepts it but it was hard for her as she didn't know how to do those things.

One day, the McFly needs one other song and Ashley told Jake that her friend Maggie has written song and so they used it and make a few changes on its melody. That day, Ashley find out that Jake was the man she kissed on the masquerade party and she kissed him to say goodbye for her to get back her luck. On her way home she bump into Peggy and Antonio whose planning to get married. Peggy hired her again and told her that there will be a meeting the night of which the concert of McFly will be held and Peggy wants Ashley to be with her side as she thinks she's her luck. Feeling lucky Ashley brought new clothes and at home she saw her two bestfriends getting ready tp go to the concert and they were surprise with what Ashley have told them. Ashley will not go to the concert because of the meeting but after realizing that she needed to she quickly called a taxi and go to the concert with Maggie and Dana.

At the concert, a lot of bad things happened. One, the drummer was no where to find. Two, one of the string of the guitar was cut. Third, the people was getting bored and impatient waiting. Fourth, Mr. Phillips arrived and told them that if they will not do it Jake has to tell the people why. Fortunately, Ashley came back and kissed him for him to regain the luck. And all turns out right, the drummer comes out at the middle of the concert stage and all goes well. Ashley requested to Jake that the band sings Maggies's song and they did.

At the after concert party, Ashley felt that she already has feelings to Jake and she decided to go and visits her family for a while. She is about to leave New York but Jake shows up at the Grand Central Station and convinces her that to go and that he was lucky to meet her. And so they kissed not knowing where the luck was after it. Eventually, Jake's cousin shows up and they kissed her on opposite cheeks at the same time transferring what luck they have and Ashley gave her a gambling scratchcard and the girl won a prize.

You can't really say how lucky or not you are. Everything that happens to us are fate and Gods will. We do not have any control with it. We just have to accept it and live our lives to the fullest. Lucky or not it is great being alive.

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